BROKERAGE EVENT- Wine production and high tech Science as enabler of high quality wine production

Although wine has a rich history dating back thousands of years, with the earliest known production occurring around 6000 BC., wine is high tech product. As important product used in everyday life, religion, festivities and ceremonies, its quality is a matter of prestige.
Use of newest technologies was always present in wine production, but with limited availability to small and medium sized producers that use traditional and organic methods. In last decade, due to substantial improvements and technological advances in biotechnology, new technologies are available to small, traditional and organic wine producers more than ever.


This brokerage event is made for small or medium sized wine producers and members of scientific community who want to know how to:

improve quality of wine and in the same time preserve its uniqueness and tradition,improve and control wine production process,prove and promote highest quality and uniqueness of their wine

with the use of newest scientific knowledge and technologies.

We want to bring together leading wine SME producers, wine distributors and scientists from the region (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria) and wider markets and to foster experience and technologies exchange.
Why to participate?
The Brokerage Event offers an interesting opportunity to SME wine producers, scientific institutions and stakeholders from the wine production sector to meet each other and discuss about:

 - best practices and experience of usage of new technologies in traditional, eco and organic wine production in SMEs

- emerging technologies and usage in wine production process improvement and wine quality control,

- promotion of improved quality and market responses

Language: English

Costs: Free of charge
The deadline for registration is 30th May 2013
Priloženi dokumenti:

 be-wine production and high tech-2013---programme.pdf (411,23 kb)

 invitation be -wine production and high tech-2013---002.pdf (411,99 kb)

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