Cluster mission Japan

The sectors targeted are among others the ones covered by BioJapan2013 Expo such as:

Drug and Drug Discovery (Small-Molecule Drug, Biologics, Vaccine etc.)Drug Discovery Support and Contract Services (Drug Synthesis Services, Analysis Contract Services and Chemical Compound Libraries and Screening etc.)Pharmaceutical and Medical DevicesFunctional Food and AgricultureMedical Treatment, Diagnosis and Medical Devices and EquipmentsResearch Devices, Bioinformatics and Bio imaging etc.


The EU-Japan Centre will cover:

main costs related to tuitiontransfers during group company visitsBioJapan registration fee including access to the exhibition & annex hall and partnering area, access to the matching (partnering) system, lunch for 3 days, welcome reception and closing fairs booth arrangements6-night accommodationinterpretation

Costs to be covered by the participants: 
Participants must cover their travel costs to/from Japan, transfer from / to the airport and any other costs not covered directly by the EU-Japan Centre. Clusters must pay a (non-refundable) contribution of €1,475 towards the costs incurred by the EU-Japan Centre in relation to the cluster's participation. To facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participation in the course, no contribution will be asked. SMEs companies must pay a (refundable) deposit of €500 to guarantee the place on the course.

More Information:

Priloženi dokumenti:

 bio cluster mission expression interest.docx (165,64 kb)

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