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Enterprise Europe Network Serbia,  Institute Mihajlo Pupin is pleased to invite you to the brokerage event which is organized in the scope of the international conference "FREJA FORUM: forum for Equal Opportunities, Democracy and Quality of Life, from 14-15 November in hotel "Continental". Brokerage event is Exhibition of the Innovative and Creative Female Businesses.

We are inviting all interested members of EEN  to take a participation in this brokerage event and use opportunity for networking among the women entrepreneurs from the Western Balkan and EU.

If you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and registration form.
Institute Mihajlo Pupin - EEN Serbia
Phone/fax: +381 11 2774 452
Internet : Freja Forum
Institute Mihajlo Pupin
Asociation of business women


Innovative and Creative  Female businesses
Hotel «Continental

The exhibition is jointly organized by the Association of Business Women and the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, as a one of the results of project Enterprise Europe Network Serbia where Institute Mihajlo Pupin is member of EEE Serbian consortium.

We invite all interested to visit our brokeradge event !

·        This is a unique example of cooperation between civil, private and scientific research sector.
·        The exhibition aims to show not only the achievements of companies whose owners and managers are women, but to offer their technologies to a wider market, using opportunity of gathering people from Western Balkan Countries and European Union
·        To learn more about the impact of the innovativnes to the competitvness in the seminar organized for EEN members during the exibiton
·        This also will be opportunity to exchange experience and for matchmaking
·        You will have possibility to present your corportate social strategy at the workshop and
·        Use Enterprise Europe Network to promote your business/ technologies /projects as exibitor


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